Who Are We?

Welcome to giddyupgirl!

 🌟✨ Welcome to Giddyupgirl! It's a place where the equestrian world meets contemporary excellence in the most personal and down-to-earth way. ✨🌟

We're all about embracing your passion for riding with confidence and keeping it real. Giddyupgirl was born almost two decades ago when our founder, Tammy Raine, noticed something special at her daughter's Horse Training Camp. She saw young girls wearing surf and streetwear brands while expressing their love for horses. That's when the idea hit her - why not create stylish alternatives that truly honor their equestrian spirit? And that's exactly what she did, launching Giddyupgirl for girls and Giddyup for women over 16. Our collections are designed with a deep understanding of what riders like you truly want and need.

Our commitment doesn't stop at fashion. We're all about being responsible and taking care of our planet. That's why we partner with suppliers who share our passion for sustainability. We even make personal visits to our offshore factories every year to ensure they're following environmentally friendly practices. We believe in leaving a smaller footprint and making a positive impact.

At Giddyupgirl, we're not just another brand - we're part of the equestrian community. We proudly sponsor over 500 pony clubs and events, because we know how important it is to support and uplift riders like you. We've also had the honor of sponsoring more than 60 riders, cheering them on as they chase their dreams and achieve greatness.

Our love for design extends far and wide. We've had the privilege of creating merchandise for prestigious events like the Grand National, and we've designed uniforms for organizations such as Equestrian South Australia, Show Horse Council Victoria, Qld interschools team, and the Welsh Pony & Cob Society, just to name a few. We pour our hearts into every piece we create, because we want you to feel amazing and confident in what you wear.

We are extremely focused on bringing our valued customers exceptional customer experiences too. We want your shopping journey to be enjoyable and rewarding, making you smile at every interaction. That's why we've earned a stellar 4.9-star Google rating - because we genuinely care about you.

Our collection is packed with stylish and distinctive garments. From jodhpurs and breeches to show shirts, jackets, and more, we've got you covered. We understand that the equestrian world is evolving, and so is fashion. That's why we offer alternatives to traditional and conservative styles, so you can express your unique individuality without sacrificing performance.

Your riding journey, the bond with your horses, and your personal fashion choices mean the world to us. We invite you to join our vibrant Giddyupgirl community, where you can experience the transformative power of our brand in your equestrian adventures. Let's embrace the present with passion, purpose, and a whole lot of authenticity as we celebrate the true essence of the equestrian world. 🐴💫

  Tammy Raine - Managing Director

  Tammy, Cassie & Leisha 2004