TWO-TONE Jods and Breeches

WOW!  Hasn't this trend hit the show world in a big way!  We did some digging to find out why before we decided to jump onboard with the trend.  Here is what we found out....

  1. Having the dark seat gives the illusion of a slimmer leg and butt because your jods or breeches will blend in with your dark saddle !  We know, we know, not everyone cares about this but many do and that is the main reason these are so popular.
  2. Your show jods/breeches won't look so dirty from all the rubbing when your seat rubs on the saddle.
  3. Perfect to wear when it is that time of the month...lets face it, beige jods & blood are not a great combo so the dark brown offers a little safety net should you have an accident.

Since the release of these babies we have been asked by our dressage riders for a white with black seat version, which we are currently getting made now so keep your eyes peeled.

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