Plastic Bottle Recycled into garments YES/NO


It is all the rage atm...recycled plastic bottles making their way to our wardrobes. We are getting asked for it by our customers often.  We are not unfamiliar with this process and have had suppliers pressing us to purchase this fabric for a few years now.
As a brand ecofriendly processes are always at the forefront of our mind when choosing fabrics. We want to protect our planet as much as most people of our generation.   We have looked into this fabric process closely to see if this actually does make an impact on our environment and the truth is that it doesn't really.
  For the most part it is a gimmick, a gimmick brands use to get customers to buy their products over other products and to give the consumer the "feels" about doing their part for the environment.  
Clever or cunning?
We decided against this trend in 2019 for these following reasons.
  • When plastics are heated they release toxins whether they are in water bottle form and we drink the toxins, or in the form of clothing.  It makes sense to avoid  wearing them directly against the skin.  Especially when exposed to heat....and lets face it horse riders are often in the sun.
  • When recycled garments are washed tiny particles of microplastic are released into the water and end up in our waterways.
  • When you have finished using your garment it goes into the pile with all the other unwanted garments yet your garment is made from plastic so you are back to square one.

We hope we have shed some light onto recycled plastic clothing and trust that you use common sense when being hoodwinked by brands claiming to be environmentally conscious when in fact all they are doing is trying to get your $$$.


Stay safe, be kind to our planet and others ❤️  


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