A new year, new possibilities

We're not gonna lie, 2020 was a very tough year for us on so many levels.  We were stressed about whether to bring out a new collection, whether the Grand Nationals would proceed, having to shift factories due to covid, would the GN merchandise arrive in time and what effect covid would have on our customers and their ability to compete.  But most of all whether our customers could survive the incredible downturn in the economy. Owning horses is quite an expense and with so many people losing their livelihood would they be ok?  We just had to hope all would be well and I think for the most part people got by...just, but it was a challenge.

On a good note my inspiration for giddyupgirl, Cassie, had baby Zoe in February giving us our 1st baby giddyupgirl, which is why some of our summer collection items were named Zoe :)  I cannot tell you how amazing it is to be a grammy!  I love it so much!  Watch this space for more pics of Zoe in the future.  

Being in the equestrian business for 17 years (this year) we have still seen steady sales and can only thank our loyal customers for their support.  It does help in times like these to have established a strong and loyal customer base and we are very grateful to those who continue to shop with us.  We would not be here without you so thank you from the bottom of our hearts:)

With an unpredictable year ahead it has again left us wondering what we should do for the coming new winter season?  We see many new equestrian brands popping up on the scene bringing out tights and base layer tops and feel it is becoming an equestrian uniform...so do we also want to go down that path too?  We have always dared to be different, tried to break the equestrian fashion mold but is this the year to do it??  This was the big question and a big decision for us but I said YES!  Let's do something different, something super cute for the littlies and something classy and sleek for the grown-ups from ages 12y to sz 18.  We are very excited about what we have designed and feel it ticks all the boxes.  We are expecting arrival of the new collection in April/May and look forward to showing you all.

We wish you a much better 2021 if 2020 wasn't so great for you and look forward to continuing to bring you fun and fashionable equestrian clothing to wear for the winter months.

Stay safe and keep riding :)

Tammy Raine - MD Giddyupgirl

Baby Zoe and Cassie :)


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