Brilliant Basics Show Collection

We are SO EXCITED to be launching our new Brilliant basics Show Collection in March/April!
After 6 months of planning and tweaking patterns we are thrilled to be bringing our customers a classic show collection that will stand the test of time.
We interviewed a number of judges and trainers  - one of our faves Nici Jamieson - and asked them what they look for in the show ring and all said they look for a traditional classic look.  We feel the same here at GU HQ and felt that some of the show jackets out there are just getting too OTT so we wanted to bring it back to the classic traditional look.
We will be launching new ladies and girls show shirts, a new breech and jod colour called Silver Cream which looks amazing with all jacket colours, some classic waistcoats and a great selection of zipper ties.
A must have is the Audrey plain navy or black show jacket at a great price of $229.95!  This jacket is made from a stretch fabric that is washable and crush resistant so what more could you ask for?!
We have perfected our fit and will be ready to sell in March/April.


  • Tammy

    Hi Joan, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but thanks very much for your feedback and question. Yes we agree! We’re in the process now of developing a new colour palate and we’ll take your comments on board.

  • Joan Nicholls

    Would you please let me know if and when you bring out a new colour/check tweed type riding Show jacket? The current colour is a bit dark – we’d like a tweed which is more beige/brown/navy colours. Kind regards, Joan

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